How HIIT Helps You Lose Weight Fast

Are you carrying a few extra pound around that you’d like to get rid of fast? While there is certainly no easy way to achieve you optimal idea of personal fitness, high-intensity interval training may be the most effective. The reason HIIT exercises help burn fat so effectively is due to how our body reacts when doing vigorous activities – namely your body goes into super fat-burning mode and short. High-intensity workouts help to keeps your body in this state for longer periods of time – helping you to lose weight more quickly.

What HIIT Can Do for You

Defining the right amount and the right type of consumed calories is the first pillar of a toned body and choosing the most efficient type of exercise for your weight loss goals comes right after it. But when it comes to exercising, many people fail to see the expected results no matter how hard they try, which leaves them drained and disappointed or even ready to give up. And this is most true for the committed long-distance runners. Their efforts can seem pretty pointless after they end up losing an insignificant amount of weight and gaining new health risks, including an increased risk of a heart attack, which could be the very thing they were running from.

New studies show that years of long-distance running can actually lead to the opposite of its advertised effects, especially when it comes to cardiovascular health. Besides that, it simply won’t help you lose weight, period.

But if you’re really into running and would rather stick to it – why not implement interval training into your running sessions?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a program of alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise (which means pushing your body toward its limits) with short periods of rest, which can be easily applied to any type of workout. When it comes to running, it means alternating 10-30 minutes of sprinting with 5-10 minutes of rest or slow running. This kind of running sessions will improve muscle strength, enhance the coordination between the nervous system and muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve blood sugar control and significantly increase fat burning – all of it in much less time than the traditional way!

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