The Top 3 CrossFit Myths Debunked

CrossFit can a very passionate topic these days. CrossFiters swear by it – it helps people lose weight, gain muscle mass, and gives you “functional” strength. And yet, there are so many CrossFit myths circulating the internet. Let’s take a look at the three biggest CrossFits myths and debunk them once and for all!

CrossFit Causes Injuries

This is the most prevalent CrossFit myth out there, but it’s just that – a myth. It’s true, some people do sustain injuries during a CrossFit exercise, just as they do during any physical activity. Most injuries in all forms of exercise, are the result of poor form.

The simple truth is that you are no more likely to get injured doing CrossFit than anything else. Avoiding injury in CrossFit is a matter of exercising simple common sense. Don’t attempt advanced techniques before you’ve mastered the basics. Establish a good foundational strength before attempts heavier weights. And most importantly, join a box with highly qualified coaches who can teach you how to master the movements with perfect form. Pretty easy, right?

CrossFit Makes Women Look Manly & Bulky

CrossFit doesn’t make women look manly – unless you want it to. Wait…What?

CrossFit, like all weight and endurance activities, can be used to help you gain muscle mass and bulk up. But it can also be used to lose weight and lean out. It all depends on what your goals are! Some women are interested in building mass and gaining a more muscular stature. Women typically don’t build bulk as easily as men do, so even if bulking is the goal, you’re really going to have to work for.

Tell you coach what your goals at the outset. This way, they can dedicate training sessions tailored to your specific goals. CrossFit classes are a great way to increase cardiovascular endurance and keep lean. Let your coach make recommendations on pace and weight load depending on your physique goals. And ladies, you won’t turn into Arnold after a couple of classes – we promise!

I Can’t Do CrossFit if I’m Out of Shape or Have an Old Injury

False! CrossFit uses a limited series of basic movements. These movements are intensified through increasing weight loads and repetition. What this means for those who aren’t as fit as they’d like to be is that you can start light and work up from there.

If you have an old or recurring injury, inform your coach on your very first visit. This way, they can be mindful of your limitations and provide modifications to movements as needed. Skilled coaches will take extra time and care with your form to prevent re-injury. Remember, injuries are the result of poor form, and this applies to re-injuries too.

Okay, I’ll Give it a Try!

Join a gym that functions as a community, and you’ll be supported and cheered on as you begin your fitness journey. Whether you’re just starting, starting again, or simply leveling up, we’ve got your back.

Schedule your free intro workout with CrossFit Eagle River and see what CrossFit can do for you. We can’t wait to meet you!

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