Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Ooley

CrossFit and Weight Loss After the Baby

Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Ooley - Gear

LIFT, Home of CrossFit Eagle River, had the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of our most dedicated athletes and moms, Ashley Ooley. Ashley is a CrossFitter, a military wife, and a mom of two. Like so many women, she found herself needing to get back in shape and shed some pounds after her son was born earlier this year. When Ashley walked into LIFT with that goal in mind, she never gave up, never made excuses. Her hard work has paid off and she is well on her way to crushing her fitness goals, feeling stronger and more empowered everyday.

Read on to learn a little more about Ashley’s fitness journey in CrossFit after the baby.

LIFT: Let’s jump right into it! When did you start doing CrossFit at LIFT?

Ashley Ooley - 1

Ashley Ooley

Ashley: My son was born at the end of January. I decided I really needed to get back in the gym just before I found out I was pregnant. So, I waited the recommended six weeks after his birth, then joined CrossFit Eagle River in March of this year. I’ve lost 30lbs and a lot of inches since then!

LIFT: How did you get into CrossFit originally – had you done it before or was LIFT your first CrossFit experience?

Ashley: I actually started doing CrossFit back in 2013 in Kentucky. I was a stay at home mom, and a friend convinced me to try it out with her. I instantly loved it!

LIFT: How did you end up as a part of the LIFT family? Did you know someone at the gym?

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Ashley Ooley

Ashley: I knew Michelle [Mike’s wife] and we had talked about LIFT during my pregnancy. After my son was born, my friend and neighbor told me that she had starting going to LIFT, and invited me to go with her.

LIFT: Do you feel like having a gym buddy has made a difference for you?

Ashley: Having a gym buddy made a huge difference! Actually, that’s part of the appeal of LIFT – it is a tight knit community. Everyone there is cheering for you, wants you to do better, and encourages you. Everyone works to make you feel comfortable there.

LIFT: What would you say to women who have reservations about starting CrossFit?

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Ashley Ooley

Ashley: Remember that everyone starts at the bottom. If you have a good coach like the ones at LIFT, they will teach you everything you need to know before you attempt any technical movements. If you have limitations, you’ve just had a baby or haven’t exercised before, they will know how to scale down the movements. This way, everyone, even the noobies, can do the same WOD together at their own skill set. Everyone is going to support you and cheer you on!

LIFT: How would you rate LIFT in terms of woman-friendliness?

Ashley: 10 out of 10 for woman-friendliness! Mike is so knowledgeable and supportive. He went through the pregnancy and fitness recovery process with his wife, so he really understands the obstacles and needs of the moms in the gym. The morning classes have childcare, so those classes are mostly women and moms, which is kind of cool! I’ve been to a lot of CrossFit gyms where I was the only woman. That’s definitely not the case here.

LIFT: Okay, last question! What’s your favorite mom-on-the-go healthy meal?

Ashley: I count macros and my husband does Keto, so my go-to meal is usually chicken parm. The kids like it, it’s keto for my husband, and then I throw in some rice to hit my macros. We eat that all the time!

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