Jamie Scearcy Athlete of the Month

CFER’s Athlete of the Month, Jamie Scearcy

CrossFit Eagle River spent some time chatting with Spotlight Athlete of the Month, Jamie Scearcy. Why did we choose Jamie as the Athlete of the Month? Just look at these progress pics!

Female CrossFit athlete Jamie Scearcy at the start of her journey in Nov. 2016

Female CrossFit athlete Jamie Scearcy at the start of her journey in Nov. 2016

Jamie truly embodies the female athlete – she is dedicated, hard-working, and continues to make progress every day. In addition to using CrossFit to lose weight and build muscle, she has also become a pillar of the CFER community. She is an inspiration for everyone who has put off getting started with a fitness routine

Jamie dishes about how she started doing CrossFit, what keeps her going, and her favorite cheat foods.

Jamie, what has been your biggest achievement/proudest moment in the gym?

Female CrossFit athlete Jamie Scearcy in Mar. 2018

That’s a tough question because I feel like I have a lot of proud moments. I’m proudest of my commitment to improving my health. I feel proud every time I improve on a lift, but if I had to pick a moment it was probably my deadlift PR Festivus Games 2017.
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What is your next CF goal?

Jamie is one of the strong women of CFER

To get pull-ups!

When did you start doing CrossFit?

I started in November, 2016.


I love Mike, and I love our Community! Everyone supports and encourages everyone, no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey.

How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

Mike preaches CF for life, and I couldn’t agree more. Being stronger has allowed me to be more active. I can hike further, run faster, go on bike rides, and just plain feel confident enough to do more. Recently, I had to scale a tree to rescue a kite my daughter had flown into it, and my kids said I was their hero!

CrossFit helps me stay mentally and physically well.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

Halo-Top ice cream!

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