13 Equipment Essentials for Home CrossFit Gym

Interested in creating a workout area at your home with all the essential pieces of equipment you’ll need to stay fit? If so, check out the list of 13 equipment essentials every home CrossFit gym should strive to have.

13 CrossFit Equipment Essentials

1. Garage Gym Power Rack
2. Olympic Barbell and Weight Plates
3. Glute Ham Developer
4. Weight Bench
5. Medicine Ball or Slam Ball
6. Gymnastic Rings
7. Kettlebells
8. A Rope Climbing Kit
9. Squat Box Plyometric Jump Box
10. Cardio: Rowing Machine or Air bike
11. Dumbbells
12. Pull Up Bar
13. Rouge CrossFit Package

Learn more about each item on Garage Gym Power.

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