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Group Fitness Training Programs & Rates



Foundations Course: (5) 1-on-1 Training Sessions


Our Foundations program is where athletes new to our style of CrossFit go to learn how to perform functional movements and get familiar with our training philosophy. All the major lifts and exercises will be taught from scratch with an emphasis on technical proficiency. This course meets for a total of 5 classes over the course of 2 weeks and cost $250 per person. Foundations is appropriate for most able-bodied adults, and no baseline level of fitness is expected. Each class will cover 3-5 new movements and then end with a workout that can be scaled up or down according to your abilities. With Foundations, you will get  1-on-1 instruction with a personal coach to ensure an optimal learning experience to get you ready for our LIFT Program.


Rate $250


LIFT-Longevity In Functional Training  


Our premier program where everyday is a new, challenging combination of functional bodybuilding, olympic lifting, dumbbell, kettlebell, bodyweight and cardiovascular movements guaranteed to push your fitness to the next level. LIFT* emphasizes on quality of movement, consistency while pushing the intensity to make you stronger, faster and leaner.

*All new members are required to go through Foundations 

*Experienced individuals- 75 minute test out session for $80


LIFT Program Rates


3 Month Unlimited Training Package:


– 5 Days a week

$160 Per Month*


6 Month Unlimited Training Package:


– 5 Days a week 

$150 Per Month


12 Month Unlimited Training Package


– 5 Days a week 

$140 Per Month 

 *Option to go month to month at 160 per month thereafter 

**All training packages have a 35% early opt-out fee


Monthly Rate: $40/1 child, $45 /2+ children

Drop-in Rates: $5 per child.

Here at CrossFit Eagle River we want to help everyone maintain healthy lifestyles. We offer a fantastic childcare room complete with a staff who works hard to care for your children while you work out. Childcare is available weekdays at 930am and 11am Monday-Friday.

Sick Policies
We care about ALL of the children and adults who enter our childcare. For this reason we ask that you keep your child at home in the event of fever, vomiting/diarrhea, rash, or general illness.


Like a bootcamp, but better! These high-intensity interval training workouts are guaranteed to make you break a SWEAT in 45 minutes or less. If you’re looking to get toned, this is the class for you! These core-intensive, cardio-heavy, fat-blasting sessions don’t require any prior CrossFit experience and all fitness levels are welcome. 

$120 Per Month-to-Month 

Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 7am Only

Student Athlete Ages 13-17


CrossFit Eagle River’s Student Athlete program offers a Functional-based strength and conditioning program for middle and high school athletes. We also service college or club teams during their on or off-season.

This program is designed specifically for youth to prepare your child to excel in high school, club and college athletics. Along with building fitness, our Student Athletes also learn valuable information on healthy nutrition in a supportive, disciplined environment.

Our Student Athlete Program focuses on respect for each individual, dedication to training and education, and the desire and motivation to give their best effort in and out of the gym. This class introduces teens to the correct foundation movements and will begin teaching different lifts. We start with a PVC bar and will move up in weight slowly based on how well they perform each movement. We have several different levels of athlete in the teens class, so we scale each workout accordingly to ensure proper movement and prevent injury.

Foundations Course is a requirement


Student Athlete Rates


4 Classes A Week:

Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 4 PM and Community Workout on Saturday’s at 10am

$120 Per Month-No Commitment 


Personal Training


1-0n-1 Rates


Focusing more on the individual athlete’s needs and wants on a personal level.

$80 per hour and up, Coach Mike



Punch Cards and Drop Ins


Access to LIFT and SWEAT Classes

– For Experienced Individuals Only (or those who have been through our Foundations Course)

$150 for 10 Sessions

$75 for 5 Sessions

$20 Per Drop In or Buy a T-Shirt 

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