LIFT Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Ooley

LIFT Athlete Spotlight: Ashley Ooley

Our Spotlight Athlete shares her secrets to getting back into CrossFit and back into shape after having her second child earlier this year – and why she thinks you can do it too!

The Top 3 CrossFit Myths Debunked

CrossFit can a very passionate topic these days. CrossFiters swear by it - it helps people lose weight, gain muscle mass, and gives you “functional” strength. And yet, there are so many CrossFit myths circulating the internet. Let’s take a look at the three biggest...

Spotlight Athlete Sean Naramore Talks CrossFit, Food, and Goals

CrossFit Eagle River had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with Seanb Naramore (the "b" is silent, Seanb assures us), our newest Spotlight Athlete. Sean joined our gym in June of 2017 and has undergone an incredible weight loss transformation. Sean has also gained...

CrossFit Athlete of the Month

Get to know our spotlight Athlete, Jamie Scearcy. Jamie shares how she got into CrossFit, why she loves it, and even shows off some amazing transformation pictures.

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